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Alloy Home provides a connected home experience with devices that offer convenience and savings. Our line of smart home automation products offer customizable options so you can modernize and monitor your home remotely.

Live the Smart Life with Alloy Home Devices

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Radium Thermostat

Set schedules and create comfort settings with remote automation and management controls.

  • Sleek modern design
  • Frosted cover hides LED screen when not in use
  • Control with the Alloy Home app
Download the Thermostat PDF
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Fusion Hub

Connect, monitor and control smart devices with one app using the smart hub connectivity.

Download the Hub PDF
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Ion Plug

Monitor energy consumption, control appliances and automate any electronic device.

Download the Plug PDF
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Hydro Leak Sensor

Sends notification and alerts if a leak is detected to help prevent property damage from water.

Download the Leak Sensor PDF

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